Devices with various screen sizes showing the GameFreaks365 website.

See on your internet connected device. is a site for gamers by gamers who are freakishly passionate about gaming. Some people are foodies and some people are film buffs; these people are game freaks. GameFreaks365's responsive design comfortably goes from a 10 foot experience in your living room to the palm of your hand on your smartphone or tablet.

Various logo configurations for GameFreaks365's responsive design.

It's Alive! Again!

I set out to redesign in order to give it new life. This process included the front end redesign, starting fresh with Wordpress, and migrating content from PHP Nuke CMS in the back end. The redesign process also involved refining the GameFreaks365 brand to be more dynamic, so that it may scale alongside the responsive page design. Its design also reflects the shared "DNA" with its sibling site, The South Bend Voice.

"Publishers keep sending us games so we feel obligated to review them."
—About Us,


I redesigned to bring the websites most prominent feature, reviews, to the forefront. It is a responsive design that also suits low resolution smartphones. The website features responsive sticky navigation fixed at the top edge of the viewport. It makes readily available all of the sites features.
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Site Details

Game Guides

Game Freaks 365 has released nine game guides. These guides focus on the currently available game systems and their games. Each cover is designed thematically around that particular piece of video game hardware. I have taken design cues from the user interfaces or the prominent features of those devices. Game Freaks 365 also releases compilations of their reviews yearly.

2012 Game Guide Vita Guide DS Guide 2011 Game Guide 3DS Guide

2012 Game Guide

Vita Guide

DS Guide

2011 Game Guide

3DS Guide