Virtual Agora Ltd.

Fall Sale
Venta de Otoño

Winter Sale
Venta de Invierno

Spanish/English Parlance

Spanish and English may be spoken at various proficiency levels in multigenerational Latino households. targets both English and Spanish speakers in such homes, thus marketing is always bilingual.

Vinyl on a Van

Placing vinyl graphics on a van was a great opportunity to provide visibility to the brand and service throughout the city. The vinyl was printed locally at a small print shop just two blocks away from's address.

Vinyl Graphics

Everything on a Shoe String

With a limited budget, advertising at was always limited to what could be produced in-house. Most of the marketing materials were produced on a laser printer until the poor thing stopped working. Printing was then outsourced to an affordable local printer just north of the city (Chicago).

Postcard Flyers

Tab Flyer