Kyle W. Bell

Kyle W. Bell is a graduate of Indiana University South Bend with a B.A. in Political Science. He resides in South Bend, Indiana, where he was born and raised. He was the recipient of the Indiana Black Expo's Martin Luther King Jr. Award in 2002. The following year he was awarded the Presidential Award for excellence in education. His research on sports development appeared in Indiana University South Bend's peer-reviewed Undergraduate Research Journal and a piece on gender stereotypes in the university's New Views on Gender publication.

His writing interests have more recently taken him to the world of fiction. The 2011 short story "Ozzy" was inspired by real-life events surrounding the life and death of his grandparents. "Operation Bald Eagle" (2012) was his first spy novella, taking readers inside the role of a CIA operative as he embarked on a mission to prevent a Chinese cyber-attack on the United States. Its sequel, "Dusk Before Dawn" (2013), sees a Russian invasion of Ukraine in a plot that weaves international intrigue with the ugly underbelly of American presidential politics.

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Kyle Bells blog was designed to be simple, easy to navigate, and also invoke a sense of political involvement. The website is also used as a platform to promote his self-published works of fiction, some of which are offered free of charge. was designed with various viewports in mind ranging from high definition televisions to small screen smartphones.

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Dusk Before Dawn

Dusk Before Dawn is the sequel to Kyle Bell's previous work of fiction Operation Bald Eagle. The cover design foreshadows of an important event in the story. It is a dark and dramaticaly colored scene that appears serene in its stillness. It is available as an e-book and in print. Buy it on Amazon.

Operation Bald Eagle

Operation Bald Eagle is the first in a planned three part fiction series in the spy novel genre. The cover is a symbolic representation of an important scene in the book. Operation Bald Eagle was published initially as an e-book. I later designed the cover and page layout for the print edition to be printed and published through Amazon.


Ozzy is a short story about an old man and his cat. It is told from the perspective of the cat. The story is both serious and innocent, something which I attempted to allude to in my cover design. The darkness of the cover hints at the somber ending of this short story.

Book Cover

The James Bond Movie Guide

The James Bond Movie Guide is a collection of reviews written by Kyle Bell on the many James Bond movies. I designed a simple, clean, yet elegant and masculine cover that would complement the idea of the motion picture character.

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An Election to Remember

An Election to Remember: Obama, Clinton and the Never Ending Primary of 2008 is a look at the historic race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton from the perspective of a political blogger. Full of analysis, statistics and facts balanced with bipartisan opinion.

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Web Page

The Sanctuary Movement

The Sanctuary Movement is an essay published in a journal at Indiana University South Bend. It was released as a free e-book on Amazon. The cover humanizes the subject matter and is symbolic of the themes within the essay. The hands pictured in this cover are my own.

Book Cover