The following are works I created as a graphic designer.

Sections: National Reach, 24-Hour Turnaround, Digital, Print.

Schurz Communications Inc. is a diversified privately-owned, nationwide communications company. As a print and web production designer, I fulfil a 24-hour turnaround time on static and animated creatives.

Sections: Redesign, Relaunch, & Time-Machine 2012 ( Brand, Website & Guides ).

Game Freaks 365 is a video game news and review website. I have continued my work refining the GameFreaks365 website and brand since 2012.

Sections: Web Development, Brand Design, Milestone/Trends, Advertising/Media Kit, Social Media.

The South Bend Voice is dedicated to providing quality journalism, cultural awareness and informed opinion from independent voices throughout Northern Indiana and beyond.

Sections: Blog, Dusk Before Dawn, Operation Bald Eagle, Ozzy, The James Bond Movie Guide, & The Sanctuary Movement.

Kyle W. Bell is a political blogger, self-published author, and essayist. I have designed his Wordpress blog, small promotional websites, and e-book covers. Additionally, I have design covers and page layouts for the print editions of his works of fiction.

Sections: Logo, Bilingual Advertising, Vynil Graphics, & Desktop Publishing. is a small business that provides silk flower arrangements as a service for weddings,
cotillions (quinceañeras), and other festive religious events.

Sections: Directional Signage, Mock DVD Set, & Book.

At UIC I created three prominent works. I co-authored, designed, and hand bound a book about Chicago. I crafted a mock DVD set for a fictitious PBS series. Finally, colleagues and I designed a directional signage system for the Art and Design Hall.

Sections: Logo, Letterhead, & Presentation.

Virtual Agora Ltd. is a small startup focused on becoming the go-to online political discussion and debate platform by providing debaters an opportunity to put their virtual money where their mouths are.

Robert Blackie

NPS Inc.

Page layout.