How's the weather up there?

Your Weather Forecast

An animated weather forecast. Animated in Adobe After Effects with assets created in Illustrator. This project was intended as a short portfolio piece to demonstrate my ability designing information-based animations and motion graphics.

  • Four static wavy calligraphic lines depict the blowing wind. The top two lines fade to right and the bottom two fade to left representing turbulence.

  • Two droplet shapes, one outlined and the other solid but smaller within. The center shape fills from the bottom up. The filling motion represents the measurement of humidity.

  • An outlined eye shape with a solid circle in the center serving as the pupil. The eye opens and closes, revealing the pupil. This represents visibility.

  • Solid circles of various sizes with the largest circle in the center. The circles fade in from the center representing condensation. The reverse represents evaporation.

  • Three concentric circles of varying widths and fills, with a thick arch and a line to form a gauge. The moving needle indicates changing pressure.

  • A star shape with thirty points. The second radius is approximately twice the distance of the first. The rotation represents energy (radiation).

The Great Illusion

Representing the passage of time using a line graph overlaid on relevant images of weather patterns. The images fade through as the weather changes throughout the day. Key events are highlighted such as the daytime high, night-time low, typical commuting hour, and dramatic weather events, etc.