ObvioHealth is a startup in the decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) space for drugs, biologics, and devices, where some or all the trial-related activities occur at locations other than traditional clinical trial sites.

The data is the journey

I work on a suite of apps that together make up the ObvioGo platform. With this platform, you can design, deploy, and manage a decentralized clinical trial. My primary focus has been on the journey of clinical trial participants and the data they provide. My secondary focus is on participant management.


I research and test concepts and features for value scoring and prioritization.

Product Design

Rapid iterative design with study managers, product stakeholders, and engineering.


Experimental application of augmented reality (AR) for patient monitoring and evaluation.


ObvioGo is a mobile app for clinical trial participants. I work to discover ways that may motivate clinical trial participants to diligently report on their experiences with a clinical trial and be fully informed throughout their participation.

I also improve the user experience of the electronic patient reported outcomes (ePRO), translating paper tools to accessible digital experiences.

Study Manager

Study Manager is a web app for monitoring and engaging with study participants and managing clinical trial data. I design end-to-end user experiences and participant managers and data managers.


I've worked on experimental apps that leverage AR (augmented reality) to help clinicians assess patients.

Consider child patients post-op. How could we leverage augmented reality to aid clinicians in assessing these patients' recovery from hundreds or thousands of miles away?

The End. Where to now?