Tire Rack

Tire Rack is America's largest independent tire tester and consumer-direct source for tires, wheels, and performance accessories. As a web designer, I created marketing materials for major tire and wheel brands for retail, wholesale, and dealers.

Desing & Production

As a designer at Tire Rack, I designed new or improved features for the desktop and mobile experiences. Additionally, I created marketing materials for retail, wholesale, and dealers.


Pixel perfect designs were created in Photoshop and accompanied by extensive documentation created in InDesign (exported to PDF) for handoff to developers and to aid QA.

Front End

I created the markup and styling and ensured that it was accurate to the pixel perfect designs that I produced before handing it off to a developer or committing it though Git.


I ensured the quality of my work in multiple browsers to ensure consistency throughout before the formal QA process which would focus on consistent functionality and bugs.

Product Desing: Tire Decision Guide

The Tire Decision Guide is a product finder that helps the user select the best tires for their vehicle. Using a combination of factory data and user input, the Tire Decision Guide's final output will show the user all the tires that are compatible with their vehicle for all driving conditions.

Mobile Desing - "Delivery & Installation"

Tire Rack's mobile experience was steadily being brought to feature parity with the desktop experience. Existing experiences were being modernized and improved for a growing mobile user base.

Adobe Experience Manager

With a well-executed AEM installation, I was able to quickly produce pages that were engaging and on brand. Kudos to the development team at Tire Rack!

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I designed emails for various promotions and developed them using good old-fashioned tables. Emails were published through ExactTarget.



Gift Guide


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