Your Weather Forecast

An animated weather forecast. Animated in Adobe After Effects with assets created in Illustrator.

The Elements


Four static wavy lines depict the blowing wind. The top two lines fade to right and the bottom two fade to left representing turbulence.


Two droplet shapes, one outlined and the other solid but smaller within. The center shape fills from the bottom up, representing the measurement of humidity.


An outlined eye shape with a solid circle in the center serving as the pupil. The eye opens and closes, revealing the pupil.

Dew Point

Solid circles of various sizes with the largest circle in the center. The circles fade in from the center representing condensation. The reverse represents evaporation.

Barometric Pressure

Three concentric circles of varying widths and fills, and a thick arch to form a gauge. The moving needle indicates changing pressure.


A star shape with thirty points. The rotation represents energy (radiation).

The End. Where to now?