GameFreaks365.com is a site for gamers by gamers who are freakishly passionate about gaming. Some people are foodies and some people are film buffs; these people are game freaks.

Design all the things!

I have worked on refining the GameFreaks365 brand since 2012. This small independent site was started in 2002 by my long-time friend when he was only 14, way back before YouTube, Gmail, and Facebook were even a thing.


Digital design for print and web. I redesigned the Game Freaks 365 brand and helped bring it to life with animations on its YouTube channel.


I designed and developed a fully responsive custom WordPress theme and aided in migrating content and databases from PHP Nuke.


Long form writing, video capture, editing, and recording narrations for video reviews on Game Freaks 365's YouTube channel. Design of print publications.

It's alive, again!

I set out to redesign GameFreaks365.com to give it new life. This process included the front-end redesign, starting fresh with Wordpress, and migrating content from PHP Nuke CMS in the back end. The redesign process also involved refining the Game Freaks 365 brand to be more dynamic, so that it may scale alongside the responsive page design. Its design also reflects the shared "DNA" with its sibling site, The South Bend Voice.

On your connected device.

GameFreaks365's responsive design comfortably goes from a 10-foot experience in your living room to the palm of your hand on your smartphone or tablet.

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"Publishers keep sending us games so we feel obligated to review them."

—About Us, GameFreaks365.com


I have contributed to video game journalism through long form reviews. I have written more than 50 reviews and produced two video reviews. I also designed the review title card animations.

Social Presence

Because Game Freaks 365 existed well before, it has been present through the major social networks from their very beginnings, starting with the now defunct MySpace.

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Game Guides

Game Freaks 365 has released nine game guides. These guides focus on the currently available game systems and their games. Each cover is designed thematically around that piece of video game hardware. Game Freaks 365's publications can be purchased on Amazon for Kindle and in print, on iBooks via iTunes for iPad, and at B&N for Nook.

The End. Where to now?